New to SunPy, Introduction and GSoC 2024

Hello everyone,
I am Dhrumil Raigagla, a final year Undergraduate student pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology at VJTI, Mumbai.

I am very curious about SunPy and looking forward to contribute to SunPy for GSoC 2024.

In the past, I have had a practical experience of developing python modules for spectroscopy. Also, I have worked on other python projects as well.

Here’s a link to my resume : resume

Any guidance on how to get started and make contributions will be appreciated. Also, wish to connect with mentors and other contributors.


Hello @dhrumilraigagla,

Welcome and glad to hear you are interested in contributing.

We recommend that everyone starts with reading Newcomers’ Guide — sunpy 6.0.dev209+g8349d7f86 documentation to get started.
This will walk you through getting a development environment setup. When that is complete, the next step is to start tackling some good first issues which are linked in that guide.

Our GSoC advice is on our Wiki: Google Summer of Code · sunpy/sunpy Wiki · GitHub if you are after that.

If you have any questions or problems do please let me know but we encourage communications to occur on our public chat room;