New to OpenAstronomy, Introduction and GSoC 2024

Hello everyone,
I am Dhrumil Raigagla, a final year Undergraduate student pursuing B.Tech in Information Technology at VJTI, Mumbai.

I am very curious about OpenAstronomy and looking forward to contribute to OpenAstronomy for GSoC 2024.

In the past, I have had a practical experience of developing python modules for spectroscopy. Also, I have worked on other python projects as well.

Here’s a link to my resume : resume

I am particularly looking to contribute to SunPy.
Any guidance for contributions or connecting with mentors and other contributors will be appreciated.


Hello @dhrumilraigagla !

Glad to hear you are interested in and want to contribute to OpenAstronomy.

OpenAstronomy is a collection of projects each with their own focus: Members

I suggest you start by browsing this list and seeing what catches your eye. From there, each project has a collection of libraries, with guides and methods to get in touch with the people running that project. They then can help you get involved directly!

Hopefully that helps!