New to OpenAstronomy,Introducing myself and GSOC'24

Hello everyone,

I’m Rehan Chalana, currently pursuing my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. My passion for astronomy, astrophysics, and open source has led me here. The idea of contributing to Open Astronomy feels like a dream come true.

I want to be a part of GSOC’24 and would appreciate any guidance and support. I look forward to collaborating with amazing people here.

Best regards,
Rehan Chalana

Hello @RehanChalana

Welcome to OpenAstronomy!

I would suggest two things:

The first is to read the previous projects to see if any of them match your interests and then reach out to the library that ran that to see if they would like to work on a project proposal.

The second is to look over the members of OpenAstronomy and reach out to those member projects that would share your interests. They will have advice for contributing and GSoC.

Hopefully that helps,

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