Introduction and GSoC 2024 Contributor

I am Smit Sekhadia and am new to Open Astronomy! I am a Final year Undergraduate Student pursuing Information Technology at VJTI, Mumbai.

I have been an active Open Source contributor and am looking forward to contribute to Open Astronomy for GSoC 2024 as well!

Here is the link to my resume : Link

Any guidance for contributions / connecting with contributors will be appreciated.


Hello @smitsekhadiaa!

Glad to hear you are interested in and want to contribute to OpenAstronomy.

OpenAstronomy is a collection of projects each with their own focus: Members

I suggest you start by browsing this list and seeing what catches your eye. From there, each project has a collection of libraries, with guides and methods to get in touch with the people running that project. They then can help you get involved directly!

Hopefully that helps!

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