New to OpenAstronomy , Introduction to join in GSOC 2024

Hello everyone,

I am a first year undergraduate in computer science. I have had an interest in astronomy since my childhood and I would like to continue my passion by contributing to OpenAstronomy through GSOC 2024. I am looking forward to work with the team and also learn something in the process.
I have had some experience in image processing and am continuing to develop my skills in python. Could someone guide me as to how I can start contributing to the project?

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Hello @WinterSun !

Glad to hear you are interested in and want to contribute to OpenAstronomy.

OpenAstronomy is a collection of projects each with their own focus: Members

I suggest you start by browsing this list and seeing what catches your eye. From there, each project has a collection of libraries, with guides and methods to get in touch with the people running that project. They then can help you get involved directly!

Hopefully that helps!

Thanks for your reply!!! I will look into the projects and start doing stuff.

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