New to OpenAstronomy, Introducing myself and GSoC 2024

Hi everyone,
This is Nishron and I’m new to OpenAstronomy. I’m a third year undergraduate student in Engineering Physics.
I’ve been really passionate about astronomy and worked on projects that involve data analysis and ML. Gravitational Wave analysis with Bayesian Inference and Exoplanet detection to name a few.
I came across OpenAstronomy and I really admire the work that’s been done. I would love to contribute to the open source projects going on here.
Guidance on contribution to projects and connection with contributors are much appreciated.

Hello @nishron_03,

Welcome and glad to hear you are interested in contributing.

As OpenAstronomy is a collection of projects each with their own focus: Members , for those GSoC projects you will need to reach out to the member that is running that and they will have their own chat platform and GSoC advice.

Hopefully that helps.

Thank you for your time. I’ll look into it