Sunpy 5.0 released

Dear all,

The SunPy developers please to announce the latest release of the sunpy core package, version 5.0 :tada: This release has a particular focus on improving the documentation. We now have a tutorial, quick how-to-guides, and in-depth topic guides. See the documentation home page for more information: sunpy core Documentation — SunPy 5.0.0 documentation

:scroll: The full list of what’s new can be found at What’s New in sunpy 5.0? — SunPy 5.0.0 documentation and the full changelog at Full Changelog — SunPy 5.0.0 documentation

:desktop_computer: To update pip users can run pip install -U sunpy and conda users can run conda update sunpy.

:question: If you have any questions, issues, or suggestions, we would love to hear about them on the SunPy discussion forum at SunPy - OpenAstronomy Community

:clap: Finally, we would like to give a shout out to new contributors to sunpy since the release of the previous major version:

Akhoury Shauryam, Akshit Tyagi, Ansh Dixit, Aritra Sinha, Aryan Shukla, Ed Behn, Nischal Singh, Suleiman Farah, Syed Md Mihan Chistie, and Tan Jia Qing.

:earth_asia: SunPy is a community powered project, and would not exist without continual input from contributors around the world!

Enjoy the new release,
David Stansby (on behalf of the SunPy developers)