SunPy core 3.0 Released

The SunPy project is happy to announce version 3.0 of the core package has been released.
SunPy’s core package provides functionality for obtaining, loading and analysing many kinds of solar physics data.

The major changes in this release include:

  • Improvements to the visualisation methods in Map, increasing their coordinate and observer related functionality.
  • Customised support for Solar Orbiter’s EUI instrument in Map.
  • Access to history of changes in map’s meta property.
  • sunpy.instr has been moved to a standalone package sunkit-instruments.

For details of these changes and to see the full changelog vist What’s New in SunPy 3.0?.

To update you can run these following commands:

Pip users:

pip install -U sunpy

Conda Users:

conda update sunpy

Contributors to this Release

This release includes contributions by 26 people, 10 of which are first time contributors to SunPy, thanks to everyone who contributes to SunPy! The names of the people who have contributed to the sunpy repository in this release cycle are:

  • Abhijeet Manhas
  • Abhishek Pandey
  • Adwait Bhope *
  • Albert Y. Shih
  • Amarjit Singh Gaba *
  • Aryan Chouhan
  • David Stansby
  • Jeffrey Aaron Paul
  • Kateryna Ivashkiv
  • Kaustubh Chaudhari *
  • Kritika Ranjan
  • Laura Hayes
  • Megh Dedhia *
  • Monica Bobra
  • Mouloudi Mohamed Lyes *
  • Nabil Freij
  • Nakul Shahdadpuri
  • Ratul Das *
  • Samriddhi Agarwal *
  • Shane Maloney
  • Stuart Mumford
  • Tathagata Paul
  • Thomas A Caswell
  • Varun Bankar *
  • Will Barnes
  • Yukie Nomiya *

Where a * indicates that this release contains their first contribution to sunpy.