Would like to get started with Contribution on Sunpy for GSOC 2023

Hello everyone, this is Krati, a B.tech CSE 3rd year undergrad student from Jaypee University Of Engineering & Technology, Guna. I’m quite comfortable and have been working with python for a long time. I’m quite aquianted with the usage of version control via Git/GitHub as well. I really enjoyed reading and learning about the Project ideas of the Open Astronomy and would love to contribute to the Scraper re-write & Sunkit image and integration with Sunpy project. This is my first ever open source contribution, hopefully would learn a lot through this experience.

Welcome @iamkrati22 and glad to have you.

We recommend that everyone starts with reading Newcomers’ Guide — SunPy 4.1.dev967+g610bcfd8a documentation to get started. This will walk you through getting a development environment setup. When that is complete, the next step is to start tackling some issues!

If you are after GSoC, our generic advice is on our Wiki: Google Summer of Code · sunpy/sunpy Wiki · GitHub

If you have any questions or problems do please let us know.