New to OpenAstronomy: Potential GSOC Mentee 2024

Hello Everyone,
I am Shashank Shekhar Singh, a 2nd year student from the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), BHU, Varanasi, India.
I have developed interests in Machine learning and in particular CV,DL, and DS excites me the most. I would love to contribute to the projects of Open Astronomy namely:
(1) Astronomical data enhancement with DL
(2) Enable Dask execution of NASA time-domain analysis
I would like to seek guidance of the respective Mentors so that I can pave my way towards contributing to the organization this year as a potential GSOC Mentee.

Hello @Shashankss1205,

Welcome and glad to hear you are interested in contributing.

As OpenAstronomy is a collection of projects each with their own focus: Members , for those GSoC projects you will need to reach out to the member that is running that and they will have their own chat platform and GSoC advice.

Hopefully that helps.

Ok thank you for your advice.
I wanted to know if there’s any information about the NASA Projects or any specific channels in your view, because there’s nothing related to this on their website or GitHub.

Thanks again
Shashank Shekhar Singh

They link to to express interest. Hopefully the mentors or someone who knows them are in that room.

I am unsure what member is running either GSoC project

Okay thanks, I’ll try again over there, So as to get to connect with them.