New to OpenAstronomy and GSoC 2024

Hello everybody,

My name is Ashu Sharma and I am from Canada. I just completed my Bachelors in Computing Science from Thompson Rivers University. What makes me join this amazing group is my passion and curiosity about the universe and to answer the unknown.

I have worked on a machine learning project where the goal was to predict an asteroids diameter using factors such as :

  1. Absolute magnitude.

  2. Semi-major axis.

  3. Perihelion distance.

  4. Aphelion distance.

  5. Orbital Period.

  6. Earth Minimum Orbit Intersection distance.

I acquired the dataset from NASA JPL(Jet Propulsion laboratory). Though it’s not a new problem to be solved, I had to start from somewhere, integrating my computer science skills with astronomy.

Now I am looking forward to contribute more in such projects in GSoC - 2024. Any guidance on how to connect more with mentors and contributors will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Hello @ashusharma,

Welcome to OpenAstronomy!

Since we have not started preparing for GSoC 2024, it’s hard to say.

If you have a project idea in mind, I would look at two things.

The first is to read the previous projects to see if any of them match your interests and then reach out to the library that ran that to see if they would like to work on a project proposal.

The second is to look over the members of OpenAstronomy and reach out to those that would share your interests.

Hopefully that helps,

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Thanks @nabobalis for sharing the information. I will look into the past projects.