SunPy Governance Updates

Hello everyone,

To cut a long story short, I have drafted an updated version of the SunPy Governance document (SEP-2), please take a look and provide feedback here:

The current SunPy governance structure consists of two parts: a self-electing board and a Lead Developer who is appointed by the board. The board advises the lead developer on how to run the project and the lead developer has full executive authority over the project.

During the last few years the board has not been very active (the pandemic was not kind) and it’s become clear that the wider SunPy community are not aware of or engaged in how the project is run.

The main objectives of the governance update is to give the wider community more input (especially the active contributors) and to distribute the load of the lead developer role over more than one, or two, people.

The rewrite has borrowed heavily from the new Astropy governance document APE 0, but has adapted it to keep the advisory board and to hopefully slightly reduce the amount of admin required.

Please give feedback on this SEP within the next few weeks as I would love to move forward with implementing it.