Final Comment Period for Updated SunPy Governance Structure

Hello all,

Over the last few years, as time has allowed, we have been working on a new governance structure for sunpy.

Having largely reached consensus on the original PR, I have now opened the final version of the PR where you can take a look at the proposed changes: A New Governance Structure: SEP 2 Revision - Final Comment Period by Cadair · Pull Request #80 · sunpy/sunpy-SEP · GitHub

The objective of this PR is to get a final review on the text of the proposal, we are not expecting to make substantive changes to the text at this point, and to give the community a way to express their approval (or disapproval) of these changes before they are accepted.

So please head to the PR read the SEP and approve the PR if you think it is a good improvement to the SunPy Project’s governance structure.