Nominations for Astropy Voting Members

Dear colleagues,

We are writing to encourage nominations for additional voting members on the Astropy project. You can nominate yourself or others. Following the governance process a set of initial voting members has been invited. The initial voting members who have thus far accepted are listed on the Astropy team page.

The next step in the process is to solicit nominations from the community: you! You can nominate yourself or someone else.

The initial set of voting members will vote on the nominations. Once the voting members are set, nominations for the coordinating committee will be opened.

As per APE0, Voting members are expected to demonstrate:

  • A good grasp of the philosophy of the Astropy Project
  • A solid track record of being constructive and helpful
  • Significant contributions to the Project’s goals, in any form
  • A willingness to dedicate time to improving the Project
  • A willingness to recruit, train, and nominate new team members

To nominate yourself or somone else please fill out the form at (This form is anonymous)

Nominations for those who have made significant contributions in the past, even if they are no longer actively involved in the project, are encouraged.

All nominees will be asked whether they wish to accept the nomination, decline the nomination, or wish to be considered for emeritus.

Following the process outlined in the governance process, the names of nominees will be known only to the CoCo, the Ombudsperson, and the voting members.

The intended timeline for the nominations and elections is:

  • Nominations for this round close at midnight on June 7, 2021. To be clear, the nominations stay open as long as anywhere on Earth has not yet reached midnight on June 7, 2021.
  • The election will begin on June 21, 2021.
  • The election will close on July 9, 2021.

Astropy governance implementation group

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