Announcing Astropy Coordination Committee Election: September 2022

The next Astropy Coordination Committee (CoCo) election will begin on September 25, 2022. Two seats are available as Both Matt Craig and Adrian Price-Whelan’s one year terms are coming to an end. The new members will serve 3-year terms. More details about the process are described in APE0.

Nominations are open now and will close on Friday, September 23 (anywhere on Earth). Anyone is welcome to nominate. To nominate someone (or yourself) to be a CoCo Member, please fill out the Nomination Form.

Nominees will be asked via email whether they wish to accept their nomination. If they accept, the nominee will be asked to provide a short statement on the Open Astronomy Discourse.

We’re working with NumFOCUS to set up the helios voting. APE0 says that the person overseeing the voting has to be a someone who does not vote themselves, and NumFOCUS has agreed to fill that role for us. The downside is that there is some communication to get the ball rolling and set everything up correctly, but hopefully we can open the voting soon.

I made a mistake in setting up the election of the Coordination committee before I passed the voting form to our returns officer Lindsay Stecher at NumFOCUS. APE 0 states:“Each Voting Member can vote for zero or more of the candidates, up to the number of candidates.” However, we accidentally set up the Helios voting platform to accept only up to two votes, when there are three candidates. Thanks to Tom R for pointing out this mistake to us. Since the ongoing election does not fulfill the requirement set out in APE0, we (the Coco) have unanimously decided to cancel the ongoing election without looking at any votes cast so far, and to set up a new election from scratch that fixes this mistake.That new election will start in a few days and be open for two weeks; voting members please look out for a new email from Helios with new voter information (link, voter id and password) for a new election.We are sorry for the mistake and the extra work of voting again, but we want to make sure that everyone can cast their vote in this important election as intended in APE0.

Voting members should have received an email with the credentials for their new vote on 17th or October and elections are now open.