Results of the 2021 CoCo Election

Hello everyone,

I am happy to announce the results of the 2021 Astropy Coordination Committee Election.

Vote Tally

There were 41 people eligible to vote and 36 votes were cast for one or both questions.

There were two questions on the ballot:

1. How many seats should the CoCo have?

Number of CoCo Seats Vote Tally
4 10
5 26

2. Vote for Candidates to serve on the CoCo.

Candidate Vote Tally
Kelle Cruz 30
Moritz Günther 29
Erik Tollerud 29
Adrian Price-Whelan 27
Matt Craig 25
Brigitta Sipőcz 20


There are no ties to resolve, so the following five candidates are elected to the CoCo:

  • Kelle Cruz
  • Moritz Günther
  • Erik Tollerud
  • Adrian Price-Whelan
  • Matt Craig


Term Lengths

APE 0 specifies that the default term lengths are based on the ranking of the candidates in the results:

For the initial election of Coordination Committee members, two seats will have terms of one year, one has a term of two years, and one has a term of three years to create a staggered set of replacements and provide continuity in the Coordination Committee. The candidate with the largest number of votes gets the longest available seat and the smallest the shortest, unless the new committee mutually agree to a different allocation.

Given this section of APE 0 was written for 4 seats and there are now 5, we have decided to recommend that the two tied candidates for 2nd place both get a default term of two years. Obviously, the following is just a recommendation for the incoming CoCo as APE 0 says they are able to mutually agree a different allocation. It is expected that the new CoCo annouce the final term lengths after their first meeting.

This means that the following term lengths are specified by default:

  • Kelle Cruz - Three Years
  • Moritz Günther - Two Years
  • Erik Tollerud - Two Years
  • Adrian Price-Whelan - One Year
  • Matt Craig - One Year

Next Steps

The final vote tally has been released on Helios (Initial Astropy Coordination Committee Election) by our Returns Officer, Arliss Collins from NumFOCUS.

The handover from the old CoCo to the new CoCo is going to be left for them to mutually arrange, and the new CoCo should publically announce the results with the final term lengths and that the handover is complete after all the arrangements are made.

Thanks a lot to everyone who voted, the very best of luck to the incoming CoCo and my sincerest thanks to Tom A and Tom R, who have stepped down from the CoCo, for all their work in that role.

on behalf of the members of the Governance Implementation Working group and the outgoing CoCo who did not stand in the election!

Results now posted in the OP above.