Error using cosmology.distmod

A while ago I completed a project during which I briefly used Astropy, in particular, cosmology.distmod(redshift).value into which I inputted redshifts in the form of a Pandas Series. This code, run on my old windows laptop works perfectly but upon installation of anaconda on a mac, running the same code returns the error ‘Series object has no attribute value’. I removed the .value part of the code and still the error persists. Has this functionality changed for the newest version of anaconda?and if so, how would I go through fixing this. I have tried many solutions and cannot find the issue.

Thank you

Interesting, I haven’t seen this error before. Can you clarify exactly which version of Astropy and Pandas you saw this? You can see this by starting up python and doing:

import astropy, pandas

and maybe also include exactly what the data are that led to this problem?

This might be a bug, in which case it could go straight to the issue tracker (Issues · astropy/astropy · GitHub), but also might not be. (it also might or might not be part of pandas or astropy)