Astropy on conda is a couple versions behind


I have a quick question about the version of astropy in the anaconda channel.

I noticed the version of astropy on anaconda is still 5.1, whereas the current release is 5.3. The documentation says it may lag behind by a few days, but 5.3 is nearly a month old (and 5.1 is nearly a year old).

I was wondering when the current version of astropy will be available on the anaconda default channel or if there is an issue that is preventing this from occurring. Or perhaps I should switch to conda-forge for the foreseeable future?

Any clarity on this would be appreciated, thank you for your time!

Packages for the default channel are build by anaconda staff. They usually pick up new Takata after a while, but if they don’t, ask we (or you) can do, is to contact their support and ask them to upgrade. Conda-forge is maintained by the community (incl. People on the astropy team) and, as you noted, gets upgraded now often. So if that’s an option for you, I would just switch to conda-forge.
Alternatively, make a conda environment without astropy and use pip to install astropy into that environment. That usually works out of the box andgets you the most recent version.

Good to know! I will reach out and ask them to upgrade.
Thank you for your help!