SunPy core 3.1 and ndcube 2.0 released

It’s a big release day today, with both the next release of sunpy core and the long awaited (over two years in development) release of ndcube 2.0.

Read all about it here: October Release Announcements —

Both packages are on conda and PyPI so you can install them with:

pip install -U sunpy[all]
pip install -U ndcube[all]


conda install -c conda-forge sunpy
conda install -c conda-forge ndcube

Happy Friday :partying_face:

Hi, nice to see you are using Discourse.

I am confused with the installation. Just installed Sunpy on a Windows machine with conda. I did conda install -c conda-forge sunpy but when doing a I got the error that sunpy has no attribute map. Then I see on the installation info that for a pip installation, we do need to explicitly include dependencies, as you show above with all. Is that needed with conda too? If not, any idea why i’m missing the map attribute after a conda install?

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Have you done import the .map submodule isn’t imported into the top namespace.

There are no optional dependencies with conda (other than asdf).

(also I just realised that this is an annoucements only thread, please start a new one as this one notifies a bunch of places!)