Schmidt Futures Postdoctoral Fellowship 2023

The NEW Schmidt Futures postdoctoral fellowship is now open for applications at the University of Michigan. This program supports research that applies AI/ML and Bayesian techniques to natural sciences research.

From the program description: AI is defined broadly to include machine learning, robotics, Bayesian inference, and simulation. Science and engineering includes mathematical sciences, physical sciences, earth and environmental sciences, basic biological sciences, and engineering.

Postdoctoral fellows will need to identify two people – a Science Mentor and an AI Mentor – at the host institution. I am particularly interested in hosting and supporting anyone who is interested in developing data-driven techniques for observational high energy astrophysics. If you know anyone working in this area who is on the market, I would be happy to be a Science Mentor and help them connect with an appropriate AI Mentor at UM.

The application deadline is January 15, midnight EST. Note that this is a highly competitive postdoc salary, $74k. To apply for the program at UM: Apply for the AI in Science program | MIDAS

UM is just one of the available host institutions for this fellowship. Here is the press release from the Schmidt Futures program, which shows the full list: Schmidt Futures Launches $148M Global Initiative to Accelerate AI Use in Postdoctoral Research - Schmidt Futures

Hello @eblur. Thank you very much for sharing this information.

I am an astronomer who is currently working in Chile on the chemo-dynamics of extreme star-formation galaxies.

Now I am in the process to publish a library for the fitting of lines in astronomical spectra ( and next year I would like to focus on a neural networks library for the fitting of photoionization models. This algorithm was part of my PhD and it is written using probabilistic programing and solved via a Bayesian inference.

I wonder if you would be interested in this kind of projects.

Thank you for any advice


Hi @Vital-Fernandez, I cannot find your email address. Can you send me an email? I am on the faculty list here: Core Faculty | U-M LSA Astronomy