Removing the "Ask Questions" category


There has been some discussion in the sunpy community about the confusion around the “Ask Questions” category vs posts in categories specific to projects.

This confusion is pretty evident by looking at the list of posts under the sunpy tag: Topics tagged sunpy where about half of them are in the SunPy category and half in Ask Questions (and I have moved some of them as moderator).

Initially when I setup the site, I wanted to encourage cross-project collaboration and I thought the use of tags + a general category would do this, but it is clear that the current situation isn’t working.


Remove Ask Questions, add a Question Tag

We remove the top level category and add a question tag.

Carry on and Moderate More

Basically double down on what we have now, actively moderate by moving posts to the “Ask Questions” category, and see if we can change peoples behaviour.

Other options?

Anyone else have ideas?

I am keen for the “Remove Ask Questions, add a Question Tag” option. I think having project specific categories, but also a general “Ask questions” category is quite confusing.

I too am in favour of “Remove Ask Questions, add a Question Tag”. I think being able to directly post to project specific categories makes more sense for users

Another +1 from @kelle in the chat

It’s gone. I have retagged and recategorised everything.