How to read hourangles in to Table and SkyCoord via ascii.cds or the like

I’m reading in ASCII data like this, where the RA values are in decimal hours:

data = """Star   3865: expected And, found Psc at B1875 RA=  0.716812, DEC= 29.753839
Star   7751: expected Phe, found Eri at B1875 RA=  1.583496, DEC=-52.227227
Star  10342: expected Per, found And at B1875 RA=  2.089285, DEC= 50.478508
Star  19173: expected Hyi, found Ret at B1875 RA=  4.110955, DEC=-67.498972

It seemed good to use a parsing method which allows me to cleanly describe the units involved so the table is easy to turn into SkyCoords later on. So I’m trying

header = """Byte-by-byte Description of file: data.txt
   Bytes Format Units     Label  Explanations
   5- 11 I7     ---       Index    HYG Star number
  23- 25 A3     ---       expected expected constellation
  34- 36 A3     ---       found    HYG constellation
  50- 59 F3.6   hourangle ra       Hours of Right Ascension (J2000)
  66- 75 F3.6   deg       dec      Degrees of declination (J2000)

Then I read it in with

from astropy.table import Table

t = + data, format="ascii.cds")

WARNING: UnitsWarning: 'hourangle' did not parse as cds unit: At col 0, 
Unit 'hourangle' not supported by the CDS SAC standard.  If this is meant
 to be a custom unit, define it with 'u.def_unit'. To have it recognized 
inside a file reader or other code, enable it with 'u.add_enabled_units'.
For details, see [astropy.units.core]

I picked hourangle since it is available as an astropy unit u.hourangle
If instead I use the unit h, the table reads in fine, but then I can’t convert it to an angle:

>>> SkyCoord(t.columns[3].quantity, t.columns[4].quantity )
UnitTypeError: Longitude instances require units equivalent to 'rad', so cannot set it to 'h'.

I even tried following the instructions at the page linked to in the error message:

hourangle = u.hourangle

But I still got the same error.

I assume it is supposed to be easy to read in a table with ra,dec in hourangles, degrees, and convert that to SkyCoords. And it’s hard to believe I’d have to define a custom unit to do that.
How can I do it?
Many thanks!