Fetching daily OMNI dataset from sunpy

I have a problem fetching data from the OMNI dataset with Fido. In particular, I would like to access daily data ( in the ex. given from 2016/3/4’ to '2016/3/6), however Fido.search only finds the monthly data. I attach the code in the following. Thanks in advance !

import numpy as np
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from sunpy.net import Fido
from sunpy.net import attrs as a
from sunpy.timeseries import TimeSeries as ts

trange = a.Time(‘2016/3/4’, ‘2016/3/6’)
dataset = a.cdaweb.Dataset(‘OMNI_HRO2_1MIN’)
result = Fido.search(trange, dataset)

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I am unclear if this is a bug in how sunpy does the search or it just how the CDAWEB API works. That will need investigating (I will ask someone who is familiar with this data source).

It is not really ideal but in the meantime, you can download the month and then crop the data after it has been read into timeseries.

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I would say this is the expected behavior, as the OMNI 1min data are provided as monthly files, e.g. Index of /pub/data/omni/omni_cdaweb/hro2_1min/2016