How to interpret result of sunpy library?

I am searching and downloading H-alpha images covered by the instruments of the GONG network using Fido sunpy’s interface at a cadence of 60 seconds. Sample code to fetch results look like this:

search_cadence = 60 # in seconds

results =, end_time),  # time interval
                          VSOInstrument(inst).inst_obj,  # instrument
                          attrs.Physobs.intensity,  # filter for images
                          attrs.Sample(search_cadence * u.second)  # sampling rate

The cadence with which I want images is fixed i.e 60 seconds.

When I try to set the time interval of 10 years (end_time = start_time + 10 years), I am getting a result of 10,000 images and when I try to set the time interval of 1 month (end_time = start_time + 1 month), then again I am getting a result of 10,000 images.

It seems like there is some kind of threshold set that Fido.result returns a maximum of 10,000 images after some particular time interval difference.

Can anyone guide me on how can I adjust this threshold value so that I can get more than 10,000 images over the course of 10 years or are there any specifications that I’m missing?

Thanks in advance!

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There is no code within Fido that should limit the number of results that I am aware of.
So I would suspect the limit here is the return from the VSO.

If you can do the same query on Virtual Solar Observatory to check if that is the case, that should confirm or deny this.

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