Excessive rounding of displayed SkyCoord transforms

c = SkyCoord("15h00m00s","-29d00m00s")
d = SkyCoord("15h00m00s","-29d00m01s")

Both display (334.103, 25.979) and i don’t see how to retrieve more digits to get

334.1031, 25.9791
334.1029, 25.9788

Need 4 digits in mantissa to resolve arcseconds.

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You can of course retrieve the components directly (e.g., c.galactic.l or c.galactic.b) to get the full precision. But, if you’re specifically looking for to_string() to show more precision, here are some options:

>>> c.galactic.to_string(precision=8)
'334.10309234 25.97905714'
>>> c.galactic.to_string(style='dms')
'334d06m11.13241986s 25d58m44.60572168s'

The style keyword is described in the docstring for SkyCoord.to_string(). Any other keywords that you supply are passed through to Angle.to_string(), and the precision keyword is described in the docstring for Angle.to_string().

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Thank you, i didn’t dig deep enough into the *kwargs to find precision.