A Severe Question Happened in aiapy

When I prepare a series of ‘fits’ data from AIA by aiapy, something goes wrong with the function “aiapy.calibrate.register”; I also tried the events data which I have done before, but it also turned down which is different from it used to be.

Even the Example code from aiapy document is also shutdown.

Code and traceback are shown in following pictures. Are there someone can use it as usual or knowing where I can report this bug?

I’m from Shandong University, China. And anyone can email me at liu-yh@outlook.com

Hi Liu Yihan,

This is a current bug in aiapy and using astropy version 5.0.0. We are working on a fix but it won’t be out till next week at the earliest.

For now you can downgrade astropy to 4.3.1 to work around this issue.

We have released a new version of aiapy, 0.6.4 that fixes this issue you can upgrade to.
pip install -U aiapy

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