2021 CoCo Election: Erik Tollerud

It is my honor to stand in the first Astropy Coordination Committee Election. I have served as a Coordination Committee member from the founding of Astropy, along with ~15 other named roles over this time (e.g. coordinates maintainer, Tutoriuals&Guides infrastructure, finance committee, and core package release coordinator). Moreover, I believe deeply in the principles of open development, radical transparency, and growing an inclusive community where all contributions are valued as important for the success of the Project. This motivates me to continue in my role on the Coordination Committee into this phase of the Project’s life where we have regularly-elected governance.

With this in mind, on the new CoCo I would continue many of my previous tasks, serving as a hub of information in the CoCo for several different strands of work the Project is pursuing, and using that perspective supporting the work of our team members and contributors. I will also work to enhance Astropy’s long-term sustainability through grants and partnerships with large institutions to support contributors who do not have institutional support for their work or whose institutions do not appropriately support their contributions to Astropy, as well as using such support to enhance the diversity of the Astropy team. In all this I aim to continue developing a culture of open, shared effort and inclusiveness that I believe should pervade all of Astropy’s work.