2021 CoCo Election: Adrian Price-Whelan

I am honored to be considered as a candidate for the Astropy Coordination Committee. Astropy has been a core part of my scientific career (from graduate student, to postdoc, to early career researcher) and has helped refine my core values as a researcher and a developer: I am passionate about open science (data, project development, and software), building inclusive communities, and sharing tools and knowledge broadly. I am excited to bring these passions, perspectives, and ideas to the CoCo. As an active researcher in and a leader in the field of Galactic dynamics, I believe that my perspective as an early career researcher who both contributes to Astropy and actively uses and teaches Astropy tools in research provides a valuable connection to the broader astronomical research community.

I have been an active member of the Astropy Project, including taking on leadership roles for the coordinates and units subpackages, planning coordination meetings, and developing and improving education materials and the tutorial infrastructure. As a member of the CoCo, my main interests are (1) to understand and strengthen our connections to user communities as an initial step toward making our community more inclusive and welcoming to contributors, (2) to establish new connections with research institutions through grants, fellowships, and new job positions to provide long-term support channels that will help maintain and sustain the Astropy project, and (3) to identify new ways to support existing Astropy contributors to bolster the sustainability of our community.

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