Using airspeed velocity

Hello folks, I am trying to use airspeed velocity (which is awesome by the way so thank you), but I can’t seem to make the “timeraw_” benchs work. They are simply ignored, but I used the same pattern as in astropy-benchmark.

So I found that the “timeraw_” functionnality was added on a newer version of asv than that on pypi, so I just pip-installed from github and made it work.
Also, I asked about that on the gitter at astropy/astropy - Gitter but from what I understand it is not supposed to be used so maybe you should close it and redirect users here on discourse ?

So it works as supposed with GitHub HEAD (0.5dev)? Strangely that PR never made it into 0.4.2 although it was merged nearly a year before; don’t know the policy of handling the different branches there.