MIssing height for EarchLocation

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to calculate the zenith angle. If anyone is familiar with SeaHawk data, I can just extract the longitude and latitude via

lats = nc1.latitude.data
lons = nc1.longitude.data

and feed them directly into

loc = astropy.coordinates.EarthLocation(lon = lons, lat = lats)

to get valid results. However, working with OC-CCI data, doing the same returns:

Coordinates could not be parsed as either geocentric or geodetic, with respective exceptions "from_geocentric() missing 1 required positional argument: 'z'" and "Input parameters lon, lat, and height cannot be broadcast"

This baffles me completely as there is no difference between the lat/lon numpy arrays originating from SeaHawk and OC-CCI…

Is there a way to work around this or can I calculate the ellipsoid height given the latitude and longitude?


height always defaults to 0, for scalar or array inputs in coordinates. Are you sure your lon and lat have compatible shapes in the second case?