Mangled names in BibTeX entries from

Apologies in advance if I have come to the wrong place. I noticed an issue with the web site and have no idea at all where to report it.

The web site has a very useful page explaining proper acknowledgments here:

On that page, there is a very handy button labeled “Copy all BibTeX to clipboard” which loads up the reference information for pasting into a .bib file for LaTeX. I noticed today that many of the names do not display correctly when using the copy/pasted content. This is an extremely useful feature and I’d like to offer up a couple of suggestions to ensure the copied BibTeX data works properly.

I see two different issues (there may be more):

  1. The accents on names in the 2022 paper are ~all broken.
  2. Jake VanderPlas has a spurious newline in his name in the 2018 paper author list.

The accents in the 2022 paper are not working because the backslashes are getting removed before they reach the clipboard. For example, the name {N\"o}the} from the ADS entry gets onto my clipboard as {N{"o}the}. Looking at the page source, I think the issue is that the javascript bibtex2022 variable needs double backslashes (“\\”) instead of single backslashes. This is needed for macros as well (e.g., {\apj} needs to be {\\apj}) .

In the 2018 paper author list, Jake VanderPlas has a newline in the middle of his name. It appears that this data may have been line-wrapped by replacing “and” with “and\n”, which unfortunately also matched one of the authors. That newline is interpreted as whitespace in the name.

The issues noted above probably go unnoticed most of the time because author lists are typically truncated after a few entries. However, if the full list is ever shown, the difference is pretty clear. I compiled examples using the ADS-provided entries and the copy/pasted content from to illustrate.

Hopefully this is an extremely quick fix for someone with access to the source. I would do it myself if I had access. If this is the wrong forum and someone can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi, thanks for reporting. As you say, it’s one of those things that typically is not noticed because usually people use just the first 2 or three names and then often don’t check that the bibtex comes out right.

If you are happy to fix it, and know how git works, it would be great if you could open a pull request to GitHub - astropy/ The Astropy web pages (the file is called acknowledging.html). If you need help, let me know, or I can do that easily, following the excellent diagnosis of the problem that you gave above.

Sure, I’ll take a look at it ASAP. Thanks for the tip on where the code lives.