LASCO C2 - FITs images

I’m working on image processing in my graduate school and I’m interested in using images from the LASCO instrument.
I’m interested in doing some techniques and algorithms, as per the documentation and example gallery, and then converting the images to .png or .jpeg, getting final results as 8-bit images (uint8).
One of the simplest ways would be to divide all the pixels in the images that fit by the maximum value and then multiply by 255.
But where do I find the maximum value of FITs images? Are the images really in Float32?

Hello Luis_ESN,

Without seeing some code or getting more information on your context, all I can suggest:

If you have a array, you can check the maximum either using .max or calling numpy.max(array).

The same goes for the type, array.dtype to get the type.

If you have a FITS file, the data type might be stored in the header along with the data max.

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