Can we convert .fits.fz extension FITS image to JPEG image using fits2jpeg gitlab repository?

fits2jpeg GitLab repository is a program to convert a FITS image file to a jpeg image. I’m successfully able to convert FITS images with .fits extension (eg: sun_image.fits) to jpeg using this program. However, I have a good amount of FITS images with .fits.fz extension (eg: sun_image.fits.fz). I have gone through the fits2jpeg.c code if I can modify some function to process this, I find the fits_open_file function is used to load fits file and it is not accepting .fits.fz extension.

I need help to understand how can I convert the fits image with .fits.fz extension to jpeg image using fits2jpeg code or if I can convert .fits.fz extension to .fits if that’s possible.

Kindly assist!

I am not familiar with " fits2jpeg", have you tried renaming the file to remove “.fz” and seeing if that works?