2021 CoCo Election: Matt Craig

It is an honor to be considered for election to the Astropy Coordination Committee.

My initial involvement in the project in 2013 was working on ccdproc and documentation so to make it easier for the undergraduates I work with to use astropy day-to-day. My recent work has focused on a CCD data reduction guide and in-browser image viewer to make it easier for undergraduates to work with images from our small observatory. During that time I have also helped organize a coordination meeting, served on the SOC for Python in Astronomy, and helped develop the conda build infrastructure.

I am running because I think the skills I’ve developed in leadership of the faculty at my university will serve the Astropy projet well over the next year or two. Several of the original astropy developers have moved on and the need to grow the developer community is acute. It is in helping to facilitate that growth, and transitioning to a more community-driven governance model that I believe I can contribute the most.

I should note that it is my intent, if elected, to serve in one of the one- or two-year position.

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