What standard High-Energy software works on an Apple M1 processor?

It seems like the GNU compiler suite (c, c++, and fortran) has been ported to the Apple M1 processor, so things should be working as long as they’re fairly standard, but it’s going to be a while before we’re at ‘normal’ on these machines.

For the two codes I support (xscat, simx), I’ve determined xscat works (with GNU v11), while simx is going to require at least an update to simput v2.5.0 and possibly more than that. Anyone care to mention what else works/doesn’t work?


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DS9 has a native ARM version: https://ds9.si.edu (which will re-direct you to the actual page, but that’s such an ugly address that I prefer to use the more elegant URL from a more-civilized age.

CIAO 4.14, which was released December 2021, does NOT provide an ARM version, instead relying on Rosetta2 emulation. We were this close to releasing an ARM version but one of the external pieces of code we rely is not supported on ARM at this time.

I will leave @hamogu to report on whether MARX can be built on ARM.

Sherpa - documentation / code - should be able to be built from source on an ARM machine, if you don’t need the XSPEC models, but I haven’t tried it.

Marx builds and works, as does Sherpa (without XSPEC). I’m using an M1 for development now.

The Intel compiled SPEX package works well on M1 systems (I guess with emulation), but I did not have a chance to compile it natively on M1 yet. Our new SPEX colleague got a new M1 Macbook recently, so I think we are going to find out soon whether it compiles.