Sunpy to get Helio Feature Catalogue inforrmations

Hello, I’m working on a project where I need to analyze sunspots. The HElio Feature Catalogue from the Heliophysics Integrated Observatory has all the data that I need, but I have no idea how can I get these information with my code. In the website it says that it can be done with SunPy but it is still under development, latest update 2016. So is there a way to read those information with python now? And how can I do that?

Also, right now I’m using drms to get images of sunspots from JSOC HMI and I to measure the area of the spots in pixels, maybe it’s a very stupid question but, how can I turn the area of the spot in squared degrees to compare it to the HFC data?

Thank you

Hello @saynovea,

To query the HElio Feature Catalogue, I think you can use HECClient — sunpy 5.1.0 documentation, if you look at the examples at the bottom of that page.

As I understood it works o ky to get information about the HEC (Heliophysics event catalogue) not the HFC

If that is the case (I am not familiar with the difference, they look pretty similar to my naive eye), then there is unfortunately no HFC client within sunpy.