Static reference frame


I would like to compute the pointing (azimuth and elevation) between two earth station starting form their known WGS84 positions. I was trying by using the AltAz reference, SkyCoord and trasfrom_to but the pointing angles are not correct (some degree of error). I supose the error is because the libraries take in to account the earth motion (if I change the Time in AltAz I get a different result).

How can I define a target point and a reference frame that does not consider in any way the earth motion in order to get the correct pointing angle?


Site2 = EarthLocation(lat= 39.57 u.deg, lon= 9.44u.deg, height = 600*u.m)

Site2 = EarthLocation(lat= (39.62)u.deg, lon= 9.50u.deg, height = 610u.m)

RefFrame = AltAz( location= Site2)

Target = SkyCoord( Site1.itrs, frame = ‘itrs’)

Pointing = Target.transform_to(RefFrame)