Lots of warnings and errors when combining a set of images, I think WCS related


I am creating a pipeline for our processing and reductions, and I am curious what all the errors here are:

It’s obviously related to the WCS info that IS NOT currently present in any of my data (I will use Astrometry.net’s offline package to create it later, unless anyone can suggest a better way :]).

Is there a flag I can put somewhere that will solve this, or even anything that will just suppress the warnings as I am pretty sure the combination goes on without a hitch.

Thanks for looking!

Look like the WCS information is missing (and filled with default values like 0) or it’s in the file header but makes no sense (again probably all 0). Then, the code does something that does not work (e.g. inverting a matrix that’s all 0) and that’s where your warning comes from. If it works for you and you just want to suppress the output, have a look at the Python warning module warnings — Warning control — Python 3.10.2 documentation that has functions for exactly that.