HEASARC outreach

Hi all.

HEASARC went to AAS this past summer to do demos at a table at the NASA ‘booth’. It was very well received, and we had lots of good interactions, so we are going to do it again in January. We are also contemplating something like a splinter session at the HEAD meeting in the spring to do more of this kind of outreach.

What kind of outreach would you like from HEASARC? So far, we have been doing demos of HEASARC@SciServer as well as of a new (beta) Xamin interface, as well as general question and answer. For example, do you see a need for us to re-introduce long-standing (let’s not say “old”) HEASARC services to a new generation? Would you prefer a session that is mostly us doing demos or mostly you bringing questions and us providing live help? Etc.