Extracting photometry points from a NED query and plotting an SED

This topic addresses how to query NED (NASA Extragalactic Database) for specialized information like photometry points for an individual galaxy, and then how to plot the spectral energy distribution. We can take the object 3C 273 as an example as that appears in the astroquery.ipac.ned documentation.

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My NED colleagues have pointed out an example notebook.

Here is the SSAP (Simple Spectral Access Protocol) documentation page: About NED | NASA/IPAC Extragalactic Database

Hi, I have started this thread on astropy slack, however as @dshupe mentioned it might be valuable for others. Thank you again @dshupe for this notebook. I was able to reach the 5) step of it and the output is nice, I will use this code in the future for sure!

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However, my main goal would be to extract raw/pure photometric data, points, and SED as a CSV file or other format which I could process later within python code or outside.
Such as this 1) as a SED view what ned provide and 2) the entire table with a data.

PS. Sorry for splitting it but as a new user I was able to include only one image at the time.

Would you please be more specific about what information you need? Asking for everything shown by the NED interface is a large request. It seems to me that all the photometric points in the NED web interface plot (1) are provided in the NED example. For the table (2) it would help to narrow down which columns you need.

I would like to extract all of the information marked as red.
I know that it is possible to extract them one by one via disk icon to save them as external files. However, it is fine for a small sample (done by hand). I am wondering is it possible to do that via script/astropy/query/ned/python.