Discussion Topics for the Spring 2022 Coordination Meeting Agenda

The SOC for the next coordination meeting includes Matt Craig, Derek Homeier, David Shupe, Leo Singer, and Ben Weaver. We are targeting the week of March 21st for the first block of meetings. Below is a list of potential topics. The SOC is soliciting additional discussion topics for the meeting agenda.

  • Spectroscopy
  • Revisit/update roadmap
  • Learn progress
  • NASA grant progress/plan/finance
  • State of the ecosystem
  • Astropy in HPC/cloud/non-traditional environments check-in
  • Future coordination meetings – in person? Continue both formats?
  • User forums/discourse
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User/community survey

From the interest form as of 2/22/2022:

  • Hiring using the Next round of funding; NASA grant progress/plan/finance
  • Roadmaps for core subpackages: missing pieces, performance bottlenecks, etc.
  • Transient Astronomy packages
  • Python ecosystem (i.e., type annotations, changes in packaging); NASA SPD-41
  • Time series improvements
  • Spectroscopy
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