Detecting point sources (from Photutils' DAOStarFinder) in consecutive Astropy's Tables

Dear Community, I’d be very grateful to have some advice on the following problem.

PROBLEM STATEMENT: I’ve a list of (13) consecutive (understood at different redshifts) tables for the point sources that Photutils’ DAOStarFinder has found in each of them. These tables have different sizes, but same columns obviously. I aim to identify those point sources that appear in at least 3 consecutive tables. Noteworthy, I’ve identified some of these sources visually and, as expected, they’ve sligthly different ‘xcentroid’ and ‘ycentroid’ coordinates. (Point sources near the borders are excluded).

EXAMPLE: I show below relevant portios of the 6th and 7th tables (I´ve added the last two cols: idx denotes the table number).

QUESTION 1: is there any pythonic way to approach this problem?
QUESTION 2: I’ve tried to use the join_distance function but (i) not sure is the right way to go, (ii) haven´t manage to use 2D columns

Needless to say, many thxs in advance.

Kind Regards,