Collection of all types of OGIP spectra and responses

Some time ago, we discussed within the HEACIT group to make a collection of OGIP spectra and response files for all the various missions out there. This would be especially useful to check the variations in the formatting of the FITS files.

Is there (a part of) such a collection already online somewhere? I would be interested. Thanks!

Your questions is timely: I’ve started here Pull requests · HEACIT/curated-test-data · GitHub and hope to review the proposed structure at our next meeting, combined with the plea to please submit datasets for the instruments I myself don’t work with regularly. I plan on adding HETG, XMM/EPIC, and XMM/RGS in addition to the PRs that are already open.

Sherpa’s test data is also available (GitHub - sherpa/sherpa-test-data: Test data and scripts for Sherpa) although it’s a collection that’s more heterogeneous (it includes more than just OGIP spectra and is in a flat hirachy).

Thanks a lot! I will have a look!